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New! Try our kitchen knife-sharpening service

When we visit to clean your oven, why not take advantage of our professional knife-sharpening service. Over time the cutting edge on any set of kitchen knives will naturally fade and they will need to be sharpened. If a knife is blunt, it is important to sharpen it with a high-quality sharpener to bring back the edge. This creates a smooth honed cutting edge, not a torn jagged one, like most domestic sharpeners.

During knife sharpening, we remove burrs and reshape the cutting edge, setting the angle of the cut to precisely to 34⁰ (17⁰ each side), which leaves the blade with a smooth but sharp edge. Regularly sharpened plain edge knives cared for by the OvenMan are so sharp that they can slice bread better than a serrated or scalloped bread knife, leaving virtually no crumbs, and creating a really smooth slice with the minimum of effort.

Sharp knives are a pleasure to use and offer the following advantages:

  • Safer to use, as the high cutting pressures needed by blunt knives can cause them to slip and cause injury.
  • Less stress and strain on your hands, wrists and arms.
  • Less waste of food, with more precise cuts.
  • Longer blade life.

Call the OvenMan today for more information

Call us on 0330 838 4222 to learn more about our mobile knife-sharpening service. To fit in with your busy lifestyle, we’re happy to carry out oven cleaning and knife sharpening on Saturdays.

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