• Deep clean of commercial cooking and kitchen extraction equipment
  • 10 years� oven and kitchen equipment cleaning experience with skilled, reliable operatives
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  • Non-caustic, non-toxic oven and kitchen equipment cleaning agents. No mess, no fuss

The OvenMan’s eco-friendly oven and kitchen equipment cleaning process

The OvenMan’s oven and kitchen equipment cleaning process is completely safe. We use only harmless eco-friendly cleaning products with no noxious fumes. We remove cooker racks, liners and runners and clean them outside in our specially-equipped vans, eliminating mess and fumes. Combined with our unique cooker cleaning system, this allows us to restore your oven and kitchen equipment to pristine condition, saving you money and making your kitchen a safer and cleaner place.

Watch the video for an overview of our cooked cleaning process.

The benefits of a clean oven

Your clean oven brings you a range of benefits:

A clean oven saves you money

  • A clean oven heats up more quickly because it doesn’t need to heat a layer of grease on the inside walls of your oven first.
  • A clean oven door allows you to check your cooking without opening the door, maintaining the temperature and shortening cooking times. (It also eliminates sagging soufflés!).
  • Regular cleaning extends the working life of your cooker, hobs, extractors microwaves, bbqs and Agas.

A clean oven is safer

  • Without cleaning, grease collects behind the back plate of the oven, which, over time, can lead to a fire risk. The OvenMan removes this grease.
  • Regular oven cleaning will remove harmful bacteria that can breed inside your oven.
  • Your clean oven will emit less smoke and fumes. It has been known for some people to remove the battery inside their smoke alarm to prevent it keep going off when cooking. This can also put the whole family at risk.
  • Extractor hood grease filters are made of paper and when saturated after prolonged use can pose a fire hazard. The filters should be changed roughly every three months.

Call the OvenMan today for a quote over the phone

Call us on 0330 838 4222 for a quote to clean your gas oven, electric oven, Aga, hobs, extractors, microwaves or bbq. To fit in with your busy lifestyle, we’re happy to carry out cleaning on Saturdays.

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