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How safe is your microwave oven? Get a free microwave leakage test

The OvenMan is committed to ensuring cleanliness and safety in your kitchen. So we offer a FREE microwave leakage test with every oven clean to make sure your microwave oven is working as it should. A microwave oven with a defective seal can lead to microwave leakage, exposing people close to the oven to potentially harmful levels of microwave radiation without knowing it.

Microwave radiation is known to cause burns, cataracts, temporary sterility, and some studies indicate it may induce cancer although this is contradicted by other studies. Microwave leakage can also interfere with older models of heart pacemaker.

Microwave leakage can result from:

  • Slamming the oven door.
  • Basic wear and tear.
  • Broken or missing door glass.
  • Food-particle build-up around door seals.
  • Damaged door seals.
  • Corrosion around the door, the door hinges or the oven interior.

The OvenMan measures microwave leakage to the British Standards regulation as detailed in BS EN 60 335-2-25 2002 for domestic models, allowing us to identify possible faulty equipment. However, we are not qualified to undertake repairs or replace parts.

Call the OvenMan today and make sure your microwave is safe

Call us on 0330 838 4222 for a quote to clean your gas oven, electric oven or Aga, and we’ll carry out a free microwave leakage test when we visit. To fit in with your busy lifestyle, we’re happy to carry out cleaning on Saturdays.

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